The necessity of media education in a media-shaped environment

Thought about the classes « Evaluation des contenus et des projets » by Francis Barbey, « Représentations Médiatiques » by Laurence Corroy and « Analyse Textuelles et Discursives » by Marie-France Chambat-Houillon.

Our entry in the cyberist era has been a turning point in our relationship with the world of media. The Internet has become the first place where people search for information. Indeed, it is very easy to go on the Internet, to type a word and to enjoy the large amount of information that the world offers you. However, despite the Internet provides the world with knowledge and information, it leads to some problems: how to choose information? How to know if the information you pick is relevant? Among all the users of the Internet, only a few know how to evaluate and select information. It is disturbing when we consider the effects of media on people. Media (television, the press, any kind of video and film etc.) are shaped on representations and stereotypes in order to deliver very specific messages and guide the thought of the receptor. Images are media too. They play the same kind of role: photographs, because of their high degrees of iconicity, make people believe what they see is reality. As a consequence, the information given through the picture is taken for granted.

A harmless relationship with media does not exist and that is why media education is necessary in a world surrounded by media. Media education could help the child and the citizen to have warned readings.
Children are the on-going citizens and it is very important that they are media-educated for the future of our society. Nevertheless, media education also needs to be implemented outside of the school for the citizen. Such an education could prevent him/her from manipulation, especially in politics where reading between the lines is needed.


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